Training Information

Thoroughbred is committed to providing our retail partners with the training information and procedures needed to successfully and safely store and sell packaged gas cylinders. Please review the resources provided on this site and refer back to them as needed. Please download or contact us if you would need any of this information for your location.

Welding Gas To Go 

Welding gases have traditionally only been available through welding gas distributors. Through Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange customers can purchase a full gas cylinder or exchange an empty customer-owned cylinder for the same size full cylinder.

Be sure to let your customers know that you now have Welding Gas to Go! The Thoroughbred Training Manual must be read in its entirety and used in conjuction with the latest Thoroughbred Training Video/DVD.

For the safety of your customers and yourself, use extreme caution when handling and storing the cylinders as they contain Hazardous Materials under high pressure. These elements when handled and stored properly represent a safe and valuable product line to your business and a cost savings convenience to your customers.

Improper handling and storing of either the non-flammable or the flammable gases may result in serious injury or death.

Propane To Go 

Propane also known as liquefied petroleum (LP) gas, is a by product of natural gas and crude oil refining and is a popular fuel source for residential, commercial and farm use. Propane is colorless, tasteless and odorless. An odorant that smells like rotten eggs or boiled cabbage is added to propane prior to consumer distribution. Under certain circumstances, propane may lose this smell; Physical conditions such as competing odors, common colds, allergies and smoking may lessen a persons ability to detect the odor.

Propane is safe, useful and necessary in many applications when handled properly. Misuse or negligence can be very dangerous.

Exchange Rules

Thoroughbred Does Not Accept the Following for Exchange


  • Non-Thoroughbred* (Non-Blue) Size 4 Acetylene Cylinders
  • Non-Thoroughbred* (Non-Blue) Size 5 Oxygen Cylinders
  • Non-Thoroughbred* (Non-Blue) Size 6 Argon & Argon/CO2 Mix Cylinders


Effective January 1, 2006 Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange will charge a one-time fee of $19.00 for each approved non-Thoroughbred cylinder exchanged into the program. The fee will be charged for all cylinders sizes 3 and up regardless of gas type. Customer will not be charged this fee if they own and are exchanging a Thoroughbred labeled cylinder. #1 and #2 cylinders of all gas types are exempt from this fee.

#4 Acetylene, #5 Oxygen or #6 Mix/Argon are not accepted.

  • Non-Thoroughbred* (Non-Blue) Size 4 Acetylene Cylinders
  • Non-Thoroughbred* (Non-Blue) Size 5 Oxygen Cylinders
  • Non-Thoroughbred* (Non-Blue) Size 6 Argon & Argon/CO2 Mix Cylinders



Customer-owned non-Thoroughbred cylinders being offered for exchange must be free of defects and in good working order to be exchanged. Please reference the Unacceptable Defects Guide for examples of unacceptable cylinders that cannot be traded into the program under any circumstances even when charged the $19.00 non-Thoroughbred Cylinder Exchange Fee.